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With over 20 years of experience, Good Fortune prides themselves of making excellent and reasonably priced roast ducks. Each duck needs to be professionally cleaned and air dried before the special Good Fortune sauce is applied. The duck is then roasted in a closed oven. With our highly trained chefs, specialized cooking process comes the result of shining date-red colour, crispy skin and tender texture.

An authentic Chinese version of the dish, Peking Duck, is served with crispy skin and meat on pancakes. The dish is also served with spring onions, cucumber and Hoi Sin sauce. If you are just having a small gathering, we recommend you try the Peking Duck dish for entrée (5 pieces per serve), which will be enough for sharing. You can also order the Peking Duck as takeaway and prepare them yourself at home!

Click here for details on D.I.Y. Peking Duck recipe

All Good Fortune roast meats can be ordered as takeaways. Please see our Take Away Menu. To avoid unnecessary delay, please ring up and order in advance.

Besides the Peking Duck, Good Fortune also offers various accompanying dishes including Boneless Roast Duck, Shredded Duck San Choy Bow, Violin Duck and Roast Duck Noodle Soup. All dine-in duck dishes come with prickled vegetables that add to the taste and help to regulate your digestion. The boneless roast duck, exclusive to Good Fortune customers only, is sure to be a perfect choice for anyone who just loves to experience the succulent meat.

Good Fortune is also proud to be the roast meat supplier to Perth’s top hotels and entertainment venues. Please contact us with any enquiries you have about our wholesale services and prices.

Perhaps it was simply too good to last – great roast duck, attentive service and reasonable prices, all in Good Fortune Roast Duck House.
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